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Dear Apple Management Team:

 We are fans of Apple, but would like for you to reconsider the closing of several features of MobileMe that are important to us. They are:

      • Galleries,
      • iDisk, and
      • iWeb sites

 We request that you reconsider this not only for personal reasons but for sound business reasons as well, since many of us are also investors. But first the personal reasons.


We understand that iCloud Journaling takes on a lot of the  features of galleries, and Facebook and Flickr, etc., are more popular services for photos, etc. But it still means that our old work is thrown away. All our earlier work, all our meticulous time spent in editing and arranging, all this is lost if the galleries are trashed.


Once again, the iCloud Documents in the Cloud addresses many of the needs here. However, it does not address all. This is especially true for professionals who have important documents and have relied on iDisk to keep safe copies available across machines. We understand that Dropbox, Amazon and Microsoft have services to replace iDisk, but we are customers of Apple and would like to keep our services simple and under one roof.

iWeb and MobileMe sites

Once again, we understand that in this age with so many services such as WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, etc., etc. there is less need for your service. But iWeb still is the easiest way to create a nice looking, personalized web site. Rather than trash it, you should update it by adding features such as tables, and add more templates or a template editor.

Business Implications

Not only is the loss of these features disruptive personally, but we feel that they have negative business implications.

First, they alienate a portion of your user base. We have our own personal time invested in our galleries and web pages. What you are telling us is that you do not care about our efforts.

An even bigger problem from an investor’s point of view is that the public begins to lose faith in the stability of your products. Why should I invest effort in utilizing your services when you may come in two or three years and pull the rug out from them without a care? It gives the impression that you are nothing more than a huge corporation with little care or respect for your customers. THIS is bad for business long term.

We know that this is not true. It is why we are customers (I for 25 years). BUT, it sure begins to feel that way when our time and effort are disregarded in such a cavalier fashion.

Thank you for your attention.


Your Fans

Compete the poll to register your vote on the petition!


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  1. Daniel Zandian said:

    I’ll sign your petition for galleries although I’d rather they took a completely new stand on this. Call it “iPhoto in the Cloud” and for a premium fee you’d be able to store all photos in the cloud in a seamless way. MobileMe galleries was always a rather poor implementation, just like iDisk and iWeb.

    • Well – they pretty much DO have iPhoto in the Cloud. All your “photo roll” is stored in the cloud and automagically synced with all your devices. Even with a loaner computer, if you sign in to your own account you will sync. (supposedly)

      They have Journaling which fulfills much of the Galleries function, but it is not the same, and more importantly, you would have to redo them all from start – and that assumes you know where all those photos are, that none have gotten lost when moving to a new computer or whatever.

      Anyway – thank you for your comment. AND your vote! 🙂

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